Thread geometry inspection increases productivity

Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Sverdlovsk Region Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev and TMK owner Dmitry Pumpyansky, visited Geomera’s stand at the event timed to coincide with Innoprom 2019 and GMIS. It was a great luck to discuss the prospects of implementing a thread measurement system in the presence of the Head of State and the owner of one of the largest holdings for the production of threaded pipes. The President, with his inherent insight, immediately appreciated the benefits of the system to increase productivity.

A breakthrough in quality control

We often hear the president’s words about technological breakthroughs as well as end-to-end technologies, but not many people can imagine what this means in practice. The thread dimensional control system is a prime example of a breakthrough in quality and end-to-end technology. Our system creates a digital cast of every detail as a three-dimensional point cloud. The Geomera software monitors quality by analyzing this data and then adjusting the threading machine. This feedback allows for a fully automated production, which is a breakthrough for Industry 4.0. A digital passport, like the digital twin created by the system, accompanies each part from the moment of manufacture to the end of operation. This is the practical realization of the end-to-end quality control technology.

Systems such as ours will become an integral part of Industry 4.0, as they will combine the development, production and acceptance process into one self-regulating system, making production fully automatic at all stages.