In Russia our dimensional inspection system for oil and gas pipe threads is already known. Additionally, we visited exhibitions in the USA and the UAE in 2019. We wanted to find customers and partners in this region. China met us with warm weather in November and hot competition. As a result, we passed everyone, including projects from the Hong Kong business incubator, and took first place.

Victory Formula

Automation of thread geometry inspection is important for all producers of oil and gas pipes. Especially for those who want to be the world leader in quality and production efficiency. Our systems provide preventive warning of defects, which increases productivity and ensures quality products. A digital passport is also created for each part. All these advantages set a new standard for product quality management for both the manufacturer and the customer. China is one of the world leaders in threaded pipe production. Chinese companies will secure their position at the cutting edge of progress by implementing our technology. I think that’s why they gave us the grand prize.