Thread measurement interested federal media

To solve the problem of high-speed thread inspection in shopfloor conditions, Geomera developed a unique measuring system in 2019. The system is based on an industrial Fanuc robot arm equipped with two laser micrometers and Geomera software. In this regard, and as a result of winning the contest in China, TV channel “Russia” came to interview us. CEO Dmitry Lavrinov told about the new approach to quality control and production automation. Journalists saw a demo of the new thread measurement system.

New thread quality control system

The system fully automatically measures all nipple thread parameters in 15 seconds, allowing for integration into the production line. The ability to work close to the threading machines ensures total quality inspection in real time. The system is capable of inspecting the geometry of both API standard and premium threads. Measurement results are stored in a digital part data sheet, which provides end-to-end product accounting from the machine to the well, from the well to the service center, and so on. The point clouds obtained by scanning threads are stored in a database that provides remote access to the digital twin of each pipe. All these advantages create a new quality management standard from production to the end of operation.